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What do we believe as Christians? Join me on a journey over the coming weeks as we investigate our beliefs through the Heidelberg Catechism.

"Ambassadors of Reconciliation:" God is alluring you, speaking tenderly to you, to bring you from the valley of disaster to the door of hope and expectation. That is the good news of God's grace that we share to bring others to that same valley of hope.

"Ambassadors of Reconciliation:" are you in "in balance," "in harmony," with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

"Ambassadors of Reconciliation:" as Christ's ambassador, are you, am I, are we, representing a new creation to the world, or are we "oil or vinegar?"

"Many Gifts:" what are your spiritual gifts and are you using them to build up the Body of Christ?

"Many Gifts:" Moses + Aaron= God's plan accomplished!

Many Gifts - it all starts with God's grace